This was originally just...a gallery. You scroll down, see lots of pictures. But then I realised that people who aren't blessed with highspeed would definitely get fed up having to wait for upwards of 500k to download. So being the nice, couchridden person that I am they are now pcategorized and on separate links. Be happy.
 More pictures to come :).
Scenery. Nature communing with my camera. Pretty pictures.
Family. Immediate and extended. Love you all.
Friends. Lots of these i want to put up :). May be subcategorized in future. (what technical words i use on this site eh)
Trips. will definitely be subcategorized. (trips... meaning VACATIONS...places i've gone...geesh...) There will probably be some overlap of pictures in this. Especially with family.
Random. Me having fun with the camera... can't think of anything else to explain it.