Can't find any good ones of my parents. Not surprising for mum. Oh well. She'd kill me anyway.
OOOOOO not true!!!

HA. (family understands this one....for the rest of you...this is my mom <3)

I've seen better of dad but at least I found one! If you can actually see this, he helped.

Keir, my dear little brother. I like this pic. We were playing with unburstable bubbles. They were so much fun.

Me as a pirate. One of the few pics of myself that I like.

Okay, thats the immediate family. I want everyone, but everyone would take forever to load so click on the links to go to extended family.

Cathy and Danny Baur
Bonnie and Johnny Hart
Lindy and Tom Jones
Andy Jones and Dan Scanlan
Savi and Rudy Rajkumar-Maharaj
Cheryl and Hilly Rajkumar-Maharaj
Sandra and Shivvy Rajkumar-Maharaj
I have some really extended family (on both sides) in Sudbury, Montreal, and various parts of the USA and Europe. I've never met them and I don't have their pictures so they'll be unrepresented for now, at least. I also have Aunt Ziggy, in England, who's not really my aunt. She's one of my dad's old girlfriends. She sent me a mexican skirt, a book of fairy tales, and other things I can't remember when I was little. She is married with 4 children (3 girls one boy). Her real name is Penelope.

Halifaxian cousin <3. I will link her website if she'll let me and if I can do it properly. Somehow this is the only picture I can find of her. No dreds now... hm. Nice pic but I want one that looks more like you.

On the subject of Halifaxians... Stephanie, with my brother.

Always more, always more. I'll have to make each pic a link if I put any more.