My School: Galt

    Town broke a pipe so we are WITHOUT water... its amazing the number of things you cannot do without it, including going to the bathroom, finding a clean glass, painting, waking up, etc. Oh yeah and drink too... and this combined with reading cryptonomicon made me want to see if i could make a webpage; laptops don't run on water, who knew)... so if you're reading this i obviously did (yay).
    Since the point of this was basically give-tegan-something-to-do there's not much that is pointful to other people. I'm going to try and get some pics uploaded but I'm not doing the hi how are you well let me tell you a little about myself piece cause if you're reading this you're definitely indulging me enough that we know each other.

    If the soccer association has a web site i don't know about that you do, you can email it to me and I'll link it.

    Go to the Galt Web page to keep up to date on what's happening at school (ha. ha. ha.)

    All of the above was written... sometime in june i think. 26th? don't know.
    Anyway i was playing around on my computer and found it, and read the bit about giving-tegan-something-to-do and went YAY, finally. Maybe this time it'll actually get put up. or maybe i'll just keep it here for next time.
    I don't even know if this will work; i haven't made a webpage since lvl 2. Daddy will help me.
    Hm. Okay. Things To Put here... for those that don't already know I'm stuck on a couch (ligaments)... and its not fun...and for some really unexplainable reason I'm not in a bad mood. My head is stuffed with wool and can't draw worth crap at the moment though ... hence this 'update'.

    AnD i cant climb the mountain (*tears*).... hoping Mr. Goldfinch is going to do me a giant favour that day. Or you'll probably get another update on here.

    I don't have a cool layout like my cousin (i'm in notepad. give me a break.) So the pics don't look great... but here's the current gallery

wow. getting pictures to come up and not take forever is harder than it looks.
More soon.
If you have pics I don't; send them!It's now 11:11.


    Now 12:1hm. funnynny.) DAD GAVE COLD FUSIONION STUDIO. it makes things soo much easier. i mean same code and all but i don't have to type out every word. And as you probably know by now this site will be up where my old one was. I had completely forgotten about it, but when i was about 9 my dad helped me make a webpage (well...i said what pretty colours i wanted and he made it...). Going to go make this one prettier now...

    My gallery is beautiful. Look at it. Be jealous. Don't make fun of me. It is now 8:12, still Sunday, September 19th 2004 (I guess I didn't mention that before did I?) Didn't I have a productive day. (nod your head). I need medicine.

    Wednesday, 22nd September 2004 - 6:42pm - YAY gallery is updated. Since the web site still isn'nt up, I'm doing this like a blog. Have to wait till both Dad and I have time; probably this weekend sometime. Then I'll force all of you to come here. Right. Blog. Um. This is why I never got a LiveJournal. Not good at this sort of thing. If you want to know what I've been doing, Talk to me. And go see the Gallery *grins and nods a lot*. It's the reason my mainpage isn't very pretty. GO TO THE GALLERY; you're probably in it somewhere. If not; tell me!

    Wednesday, 3rd October 2004 - 11:15pm - Yeah i know big time gap. I have put some more pics up, but the issue of this still not being a real web site is making me loose intrest in the whole thing. Oh well. When I'm a little old lady I'll take this out of my archive-library and laugh at how simplistic technology was back then. Yes, I've been reading science fiction, can you tell? On to other subjects, Junior and Cathy (Kathy?) arrived from Wales yesterday, and since then I've heard enough memories told in oldschool trini talk that I could write a book. That isn't nessicarily a bad thing; I have yet to meet or hear of a Trinidadian who wasn't interesting. And I don't need to write a book; Dad's done it already. On the topic of writing, anyone want to take notes on totem poles for me? Thought so. Amanda, make me work this year. And not sifting sand. I think I still have pebbles between my teeth. Also had a tournament this weekend; if mum hadnt been distracted by entertaining i think she would have been angry at me for playing. If I've talked to you at all, you probably know Junior and Cathy brought me a rugby jersey from wales (:D :D :D) It is beautiful, and definitely, definitely made my day. possibly my week. With the exception of art and a few people it made my month too. Anyway, about midnight so i'm out... see some of you in school tomorrow

    Wednesday, 3rd October 2004 - 11:15pm - Okay, real update now. Last week i wrote a big thing but not for an update... So. Spirit day was last Wednesday (everyone, except my brother, dresses up in weird blue and yellow - school colours - clothes, and we get last class off for games and contests and a concert and stuff. Uaually i love it but i was kinda sick that day and - this is horrible - I really cant remember whether we tied or won or what at the BCS game. I was there for the entire block we had off. I think we mustve won. Everyone was happy anyway, and i know we are now in first standing after beating Massey 4-1. I didnt play in either of those games ($*@!)%^ @)$_!% ankle,) but we played awesomely well. Mr.Retchless was happy. The massey game particularly; we got the first goal, then massey tied it and it stayed that way till almost the end of the first half. Then Liz, playing forward instead of her ususal stopper, made it 2-1 with a great goal, and everyone was screaming happy, then sab scored, then bri again, then finally melissa who had been in pain for all of the game. Sorry for people who don't care for the play-by-play; i had to write it. After getting two meals for 7$ at subway with chocolate bar tickets, we got a nestle sundae at the esso and spent half the bus ride breaking spoons on it. We ALMOST ate all of it. Then gave the rest to the bantams, who finished it off in about 5 secs and then looked at us funny when me and amamnda fought for the corner seat.

    Friday, 29th April 2005 - 5:35pm - Huh. Long time. I'm really amazed at me for having done that in notepad, i don't know how i did.

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