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25 years of voluntary service (2003)
UPDATE 2018: Now 40 years of voluntary service!

In 1976, there were enough graduates of the Naparima institutions in Toronto, Canada, that they felt drawn to establishing NAAC, "Naparima Alumni Association in Canada", an alumni group for Naparima institution graduates in Canada.

Through the years, NAAC has been a vigorous and actively functional group, a rallying point for the individuals and the spirit of Naparima, away from its original home, but in the midst of its original inspiration: Canada.

Former principals and stalwarts of the Canadian missionary effort in Trinidad, retired in Canada, have been often saluted and honoured at conventions of NAAC in Toronto.

NAAC over the years has sponsored scholarships and prizes for Naparima students, and offered other assistance to the Naparima schools. For this long history of support, NAAC recently was awarded the landmark honour of Medal of Merit by the Government of Trinidad & Tobago.

In April 2004, NAAC set up their own website at

NAAC continues to hold regular functions in Toronto and can be reached at:

Box 92175
2900 Warden Avenue
Bridlewood Mall Postal Outlet
Scarborough, Ontario.
M1W 3Y9

00-06-26 - President Imogen Foster-Algoo receives TT Medal of Merit from President A.N.R.Robinson

99-06-26 - George Winston MacKenzie at NAAC
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NAAC Steelband Trio at reception for Hon. G.W.Mackenzie 1999