dancer on the wind
dreamer in the light

All in new cerulean blue, whispering through
Feathery halls I streak to tease vaporous walls
And mid glowing vaults of world and time, a strength renew.
Washed in light softened in earth's breathing
I wing o'er whorls of tide, tolling tide
I draw the curves of hill, ravelling hill
I float in upflow at a valley's end, rill's edge
Where heaven's fingers have shaped the willing earth.
Pummelled in the boisterous moist south-east I joust
Down spilling woody glens in headlong glide.
Wide currents on the streaming deep I ride
High in blue oxygen where the starlight burns.

I dive, I race, I soar! Belly over clean cobalt!
Red rolling rudder and the round world turns
Pendulous the horizon sulks and drags
Earth-bound I sail into a mile-long sigh
Touch the wind and lever skyward on a finger-tip.

Earth-born in God's grace I fly
Laughing in the arcs, singing in the farthest fall,
Rising in the starlight, soaring in his sight,
I am dancing on the wind and dreaming in the light.