Anendran, star-pilot

I, pilot on a sea of time
red red running on the rim of doom
cleaving gleam in cosmic gloom
dread threading in a spaceless tomb
bearing on a secret glyph
freighted with an ancient myth
dead reading thru a plasmic mime
a fugue amid the primal rhyme
framed in feral fabric weft
veering gap and cosmic cleft
scarce of chance and slip of room
the screaming stabs of nothing loom
red red running on the rim of doom.

the depths of suns and ion streams I parse,
light-swift parabola, atemporal stop, black stars,
diffracted in rainbow insterstices or quoins of time
a shift of radians, auras, and of numbers prime,
in frames surreal neutrino spectred and arrayed
in essence, soul and thought and motive made.

regions lie suspended where
a moth doth float in limpid air
a wraith behind a dove's eye peer
an emerald sprite with beauty bare
lightly quaff an orchid near
fringed pools with poised manzana,
ixora warm, sweet alamanda,
hillside poui and jacaranda,
canopied schefflera and poinciana
philodendron torn and gold lantana.
bougainvillea and coralita wreath
the daylight into peace beneath
the numbed evening drifting deep
in verdant sense and gentle swoon
across blue reef and green lagoon
to salve and calm and balm and sleep.
puffs of feathery vapour tease
the languid and lascivious breeze
the gentle earth and sky to share
and converse with sea and atmosphere

petrels pick and pitter prim,
bleached crabs finger, furtive whim,
gulls glide the upflow by the cliff then tour
a seaward line of clashing surf and o'er
casuarina hedges by marina edges,
valiant sedges by tide-etched ledges
aloe oleander and oleander red
oleander in the sky and sunlight wed
Cocorite and almond tree
Green grottoes lee.

Brushed in daubs of setting light
highest the fronded palms still rise
in the cathedral of the night
to watch the lonely paradise
of the maker's favoured land
in the writing of his hand.