KRM's Gallery of Primary Characters

We all take our letters for granted after using them for so many years. But I still remember my first set, which were cut from wood. They all made quite an impression on me, particularly the X, which we learned as standing for boX. (Makes more sense than xylophones and xiphias to small children).

Nowadays, they each seem to me to have their very own character, as indeed they should. But I don't mean phonetically. In capital form, they all seem to suggest certain people-traits. See if you agree!

(btw, need gifs for the letters)

ABC Elegant, didactic fellows like old school professors
D Friendly, honest, serviceable, but a trifle dull
E A real smoothie, isn't he? Urbane, easy-talking, mixer.
F Definite individuality about this one, but a bit sulky, adolescent
G Now there's a bureaucrat! Political, pompous, officious...
H Dependable, stuffy chap, definitely an older brother
I O I divine mathematical purity and simplicity in these two
J Here's an artist, a free spirit, disengaged, unassertive
K Cryptic, quizzical, enigmatic, hard to know
L Here's a lady, a simple elegant one
M A quiet, tranquil, reticent type
N This character is quite clever, and may be poetically inclined
P Clearly a senior clerk, official, puntilious, but polite
Q Ho-ho, here's eccentric, puckish, amusing as a wink
R A capable, competent, authoritative chap, an engineer?
S Change, changeable, versatile, spiritual even
T Stately, orderly T's must have governed the British Empire
U Thank goodness for the practical, homely, down-to-earth U's!
V Ooh, here's moody and uncertain. Spare me the V's
W This is a literary, inventive, constructive individual
X Y Oh, the geometry, the strength! Athletes.
Z A researcher, without a doubt, and entrepreneur too.

You probably think I am allowing my imagination to run away with me, and you are probably right. Now which of those characters would be inclined to do that, I wonder...

(c) KRM