. krm's Gallery of Primary Characters

We all take our letters for granted after using them for so many years. But I still remember my first set, which were cut from wood. They all made quite an impression on me, particularly the X, which we learned as standing for boX. .

Nowadays, they each seem to me to have their very own character — but I don't mean phonetically. In capital form, they all seem to suggest certain people-traits. See if you agree!

(btw, need gifs for the letters)

ABC Elegant, didactic fellows like old school professors
D Friendly, honest, serviceable, but a trifle dull
E A real smoothie, isn't he? Urbane, easy-talking, mixer.
F Definite individuality about this one, but a bit sulky, adolescent
G Now there's a bureaucrat! Political, pompous, officious...
H Dependable, stuffy chap, definitely an older brother
I O I divine mathematical purity and simplicity in these two
J Here's an artist, a free spirit, disengaged, unassertive
K Cryptic, quizzical, enigmatic, hard to know
L Here's a lady, a simple elegant one
M A quiet, tranquil, reticent type
N This character is quite clever, and may be poetically inclined
P Clearly a senior clerk, official, puntilious, but polite
Q Ho-ho, here's eccentric, puckish, amusing as a wink
R A capable, competent, authoritative chap, an engineer?
S Change, changeable, versatile, spiritual even
T Stately, orderly T's must have governed the British Empire
U Thank goodness for the practical, homely, down-to-earth U's!
V Ooh, here's moody and uncertain. Spare me the V's
W This is a literary, inventive, constructive individual
X Y Oh, the geometry, the strength! Athletes.
Z A researcher, without a doubt, and entrepreneur too.

You probably think I am allowing my imagination to run away with me, and you are probably right. Now which of those characters would be inclined to do that, I wonder...

1996 © krm